Interaction Design

My interaction design projects varied across different domains such as Retail, Banking, communication for major companies such as Western Union, TESCO, Bank of America, Microsoft, TNT, ABB, Altisource.

Design Research

Research has been my core competent of my design career. My designs are driven through strong research be it qualitative (interviews, ethnography) or quantitative (eye-tracking, clicktale, analytics).


Photography is a way in to learn outside world perspectives and inscribe in my designs. I am particularly interested in portraits and there interaction in social context.
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We were extremely fortunate to have Vamsi leading interaction design for the consumer portals group. He's talented, driven and thoughtful in his application of insights and HCI into the user experience. While he's decided to pursue an advanced degree at Indiana University, I would welcome the opportunity to work again with Vamsi. He would be a valued asset on any team.

– Scott May, Altisource Portfolio Solutions

Vamsi is an interaction designer who has a flare both for technology and design. Needless to say, this combination is rare. As a product manager I could always rely on him to come up with designs with the user in focus and relay it to the development team with the technical "how-to"s. He is undoubtedly a valuable asset to any product team.

– Krishnan Ramaswami, Altisource Portfolio Solutions

Vamsi is a analytical designer, bringing in lot of critical and system thinking to a design problem. He focuses on the underlying problem than fixing a superfluous solution. He is a good asset in any team that wants to create innovative and useful software systems.

– Rajavel Manoharan, Infosys Technologies

Vamsi is thoroughly creative, user centric designer. He is a complete team player, given the fast paced environment in ViVu, he always used to come out with his best. He is abreast with the latest improvements in UX and applies them thoroughly whenever required. I highly recommend him to take up bigger roles in any organizations in future. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

– Tandav Krishna, ViVu Inc
Emergency Operating System (EOS)

Jan 2014 - March 2013

Emergency Operating System (EOS) is a forward-looking design that allows mobile devices to become lifelines in the period immediately after a disaster. This is not an app, but rather a part of the phone's native operating system that is activated during an emergency.

EOS uses familiar conventions to provide flexible, optimized communication for those affected by a disaster, a resource map for those in need, and a central hub for status updates from local and federal agencies. It is designed to enhance, not replace, existing services such as 911 and wireless messaging alerts. Our goal is to help people feel safe, informed, and connected.


Qualitative Inteviews, Focus group, Affinity diagramming, Data flow diagrams, Usability evaluation

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